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The Greesberger - Things get wild in this pub

If you're ever hanging around Eigelstein, you should definitely pay a visit to the Greesberger . Find out what you should know about this quaint neighborhood pub and why you can buy game here in this post from our Cologne brewery and pub blog!

Greesberger Cologne Eigelstein Cologne Guide Brewery Tours

Where does the name come from?

The pub owes its name to the street name. But where does it come from? With a little research, thanks to the traditional society of the same name , "Große Karnevals-Gesellschaft Greesberger eV von 1852 " , which is incidentally the third oldest society in the Cologne carnival, you can find out that it was founded in the former brewery "Zum Halve Mond". Today, the dm drugstore is located here, and right next to it is the narrowest building in Cologne. At just 2.56 meters wide, you can quickly walk past here without even noticing it!

But back to the story. The founders of the carnival club were farmers living on the Eigelstein, who grew cabbage, known in Cologne as Kappes, outside the northern city gates - in an area that was popularly known as Greesberg. And so it can be assumed that the name probably comes from here.

Greesberger Cologne Eigelstein Cologne Guide Brewery Tours

Tradition in the neighborhood

The Greesberger now looks back on a few decades of history. The owners also run the Dominikaner, the Flora 6 and, for a few years now, the popular Lapidarium ! The team around Ralf, Denise, Verena and Andreas will look after your well-being at the bar. The clientele is as diverse as the city itself. Students from the nearby music college, actors, neighbors, everyone from old to young meet here. And that is precisely what makes the "Greesis" so charming. The fact that the shop is usually open until 4 a.m. (or later) also attracts night owls for a nightcap.

Greesberger Cologne Eigelstein Cologne Guide Brewery Tours

And the pub is just as diverse as its guests. Cozy outdoor dining in front of the door, a rustic pub feel in the bar area and a small hall to the left offer plenty of space and a feel-good atmosphere for everyone. And if someone hadn't mentioned in the restroom next to me how "cool" he thought it was, I would probably have left without appreciating the Edding artwork by generations of students, which stands in such stark contrast to the rest of the pub. At the bar you can also find the bell, which is becoming increasingly rare in pubs, the ringing of which invites people to join in. Let's be honest, who has ever done that out of ignorance?

Greesberger Cologne Eigelstein Cologne Guide Brewery Tours

Always one to the swath

At Greesberger, everyone is equal. Ralf is great for discussing a wide range of topics and when he unpacks one or two anecdotes, you can't help but smile. For example, when he tells how a new colleague once recognized a well-known Cologne band as guests and quietly asked him whether their drinks shouldn't be on the house. "Why? They have more money than all the guests at the bar combined!" was his loud reply. Everyone is different. At Greesberger, everyone is equal.

And as in any typical Cologne pub, you can quickly get chatting to other people here, for example with the fantastic Uschi, who immediately makes me think of our city's patron saint. Best wishes, Uschi! And then there is another special feature that I would like to go into more detail about (apart from the Monday jazz concerts!): You can also get something to eat here. "Our ham and cheese toast!" says Ralf, but I'm actually referring to the game on the menu. Wild currywurst or wild shashlik, for example. And if you'd rather take something with you for later, you can also get a can of goulash made from beef, wild boar, deer, venison or turkey here. And it's even hunted yourself (if you're lucky) and prepared by an experienced game butcher.

Greesberger Cologne Eigelstein Cologne Guide Brewery Tours

Of course I have to try it out right away. "Go to Rewe, get yourself some spaetzle from the fresh counter, then you'll have the perfect meal in just a few minutes," Ralf recommends emphatically. Well, recommendations are there to be accepted. And what can I say? The wild boar has already convinced me! And since we're on the subject of recommendations: If you like our blog, then like it, share it, comment on it and simply recommend us. Not just to read it, but of course also to go on a brewery tour with us! We look forward to raising a glass with you. But first go to the Greesi and form your own opinion. Cheers!

Greesberger Cologne Eigelstein Cologne Guide Brewery Tours

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