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Der Kölner Dom im Rahmen einer Brauhaustour

Retain customers,

Reward employees

Special brewery tour
for companies

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Brewery tour
for companies
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Are you looking for the perfect company event? Then Cologne Guide is the right place for you! Our brewery tours are the perfect change from the usual Christmas party or summer festival. Our tour is also suitable as a team-building measure! How about an evening event to loosen up after a stressful conference or seminar? Or how about going on a tour with your best business customers and deepening your business relationships? Then book the perfect experience with us now!


Mo-Do - 19 Uhr

Fr - 18:30

Sa - 16:00 & 18:30

So - 17:30

19,90 € p.P.

Getränke exklusive

At a glance

These are our offers for companies

meeting point

The meeting point is right next to the Malzmühle at Heumarkt 6, in front of the Mühlenbar. We can also arrange a different meeting point if you like!


Simply choose an appointment in our calendar!

What is part of it?

Of course, every company tour includes our professionally guided tour lasting 2 hours.

Depending on the offer, drinks (AFG, Kölsch and wine) or starters are also included!

Company Tour Basic

2 hour tour, drinks and appetizers not included.

Price: 19,90 € pp 10-20 participants

19,40 € pp 21-40 participants

18,90 € pp 41-60 participants

18,40 € pp 61-80 participants

17,90 € pp 81-99 participants

17,40 € pp 100 + participants

Company Tour Standard

2 hour tour, non-alcoholic drinks, Kölsch and wine included, food not included.

Price: 49,90 € pp 10-20 participants

49,40 € pp 21-40 participants

48,90 € pp 41-60 participants

48,40 € pp 61-80 participants

47,90 € pp 81-99 participants

47,40 € pp 100 + participants


Company Tour Deluxe

2 hour tour, non-alcoholic drinks, Kölsch, wine and starter included.

Price: 64,90 € pp 10-20 participants

64,40 € pp 21-40 participants

63,90 € pp 41-60 participants

63,40 € pp 61-80 participants

62,90 € pp 81-99 participants

62,40 € pp 100 + participants


Company tour Super-Deluxe

2 hours tour, non-alcoholic drinks, wine, beer, starters and a nice goodie-bag with nice incentives included

Preis:  99,90 € p.P. 10-20 participants

            99,40 € p.P. 21-40 participants

            98,90 € p.P. 41-60 participants

            98,40 € p.P. 61-80 participants

            97,90 € p.P. 81-99 participants

            97,40 € p.P. 100 + participants

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Care for your employees!

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"Small gifts keep friendships alive," they say. And they increase employee loyalty. Create a unique, top-class company event with a brewery tour from Cologne Guide! Whether it's a Christmas party or a summer party, a brewery tour is always a great idea, regardless of the time of year! Are you having a seminar or a conference? Recharge the batteries of your employees, staff and colleagues with an entertaining event! And the brewery tour is also perfect for team building!

Note: For groups of more than 20 people, we recommend splitting into several groups. This can also be a mixed bag, so that the usual groups are not together again, but the colleagues get to know each other better.

Christmas party

First, have a little snack at the Christmas market, then go on a nice brewery tour and finally sit together and enjoy a cozy meal? The perfect combination for a successful Christmas party!

We are happy to help you make it happen!

Summer party

Strolling through the old town together in the summer when the temperature is high, having a small snack in the breweries to start with a nice cold Kölsch before going to a restaurant for a meal? What more could your heart desire? We'll make sure it's a great event!

Team building

Getting to know each other better over a few Kölsch beers and moving from the usual small talk with other departments to stimulating conversations strengthens the team and mutual understanding. A brewery tour with us also promotes effectiveness in the long term!

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say thank you!

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What would entrepreneurs be without their most important customers? Whether you want to thank them for their long-standing loyalty or bring new important customers on board, a brewery tour from Cologne Guide offers an extraordinary opportunity to build customer loyalty . Set yourself apart from the competition, who send a gift basket or a bottle of wine every year at Christmas. Invite your customers to an unusual event and strengthen your business relationships!

With Cologne Guide you can book your event in just a few minutes!

Group size

We recommend a group size of 20 people for the tours. This way, each participant can hear the guide perfectly and there are no distracting sideshows. It is a good idea to mix up the groups a little so that new relationships can develop between the participants.

Drinks included

If you wish, you can add Kölsch and soft drinks to the tour. We have special packages for you to choose from. Of course, you can also pay for them yourself in each house. If you have any special requests, please let us know by email so that we can accommodate them.

Meals included

Would you like your group to have a little something to eat first? No problem! We can start with a small appetizer in the first brewery. We ask that you arrange this in advance by email! We would also be happy to reserve a table for your group in one of the breweries.

Cologne Guide Brewery Tours


All tours include the choice of date and meeting point. If you have any special requests , please feel free to contact us. Our packages leave nothing to be desired!

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Köln, Bild von Pit Karges (frei von Pixabay). Danke!
Cologne Guide Brewery Tours
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