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Kölner Dom

Anytime is Kölsch time

Brewery tours in Cologne
with experienced guides

Brewery tour Cologne
Our brewery tours

Welcome to our lively city on the Rhine! A brewery tour in Cologne is the ideal way to experience the unique culture and charm of Cologne in an authentic way. Our professionally guided tours not only offer a fascinating insight into the history of the city, but also the opportunity to try the famous Kölsch in cozy breweries.

Brewery tour Cologne

Our brewery tours in Cologne

Public brewery tour

in German


Fr - 18:30

Sa - 16:00 & 18:30

So - 17:30

19,90 € p.P.

Getränke exklusive

Brewery tour Cologne

Private brewery tour

in German


  • - Booked in few clicks!

  • - Ideal group event!

  • - Choose your date!

Brewery tour Cologne

Company brewery tour in German


  • - Easy and quick booking!


  • - Different performance models

  • -Ideal for team building or as a customer event!

Brewery tour Cologne

Brewery tours in English

Public brewery tour

in English


Mon-Thu - 6:30 p.m.

Fri - 6 p.m.

Sat - 3 p.m. & 6 p.m.

Sun - 6 p.m.

19,90 € p.P.

no drinks included

Sion Kölsch at a brewhouse tour Cologne

Private brewery tour

in English


  • Booked in just few clicks

  • Perfect group event!

  • Choose the date!

Peters Kölsch on a brewery tour Cologne

Company brewery tour in English

  • Easy and uncomplicated booking !

  • Various service models, no hidden costs!

  • Perfect as a team building or customer event!

Mühlen Kölsch at a brewhouse tour Cologne
Brewery tour Cologne
Brewery tour Cologne

Our breweries, your experience

Our professional guides are not just city guides, but also passionate ambassadors of Cologne culture. They share both historical information and personal anecdotes to offer you a truly authentic experience and give you a feel for Cologne. We not only attach great importance to the high quality of our guides, but also to a relaxed and cozy atmosphere . Therefore, the groups on our brewery tours in Cologne are deliberately kept small to enable more personal interaction. Enjoy not only the delicious Kölsch, but also the pleasant company of like-minded people!

Brewery tour Cologne

Gain cultural insights

Experience the unique taste of our beer and the atmosphere of Cologne's breweries! Our brewery tours in Cologne are led by knowledgeable guides who will tell you exciting stories and funny anecdotes about the city and our Kölsch.

Experience Cologne history

Immerse yourself with us in the fascinating world of Cologne beer. Find out what makes Kölsch so special and taste the wholesome beer in the traditional breweries of our home town. The brewery tour in Cologne is an absolute highlight, not just for beer lovers!

love life

Our brewery tour in Cologne is not only extremely informative, but also very sociable. Enjoy the diverse flavors of the individual Kölsch varieties, make new contacts and let yourself be captivated by the typical Cologne hospitality!

Brewery tour Cologne
Brewery tour Cologne

The rules in the brewery

Are there rules in the brewery? Yes, indeed! If you break the rules in the Cologne brewery, you'll quickly find yourself in trouble with the Köbes . So it's good to be aware of the "hierarchy" and the rules if you want to spend a nice evening in a cozy get-together. And so that you too can enjoy your Kölsch, we'll teach you our little brewery etiquette on our brewery tour in Cologne!

Brewery tour Cologne

The Brewery

Everyone is different, they say in Cologne. And that applies to the breweries as well.

Each house has its own charm, as you will see on our brewery tour.

An absolute plus point , because everyone is sure to find their favorite brewery, whether small and cozy or large and lively!

The Kölsch

Of course, every brewery is particularly proud of its Kölsch. It is the soul and the blood that breathe life into the house. Golden and drinkable, sometimes bitter, sometimes malty, sometimes hoppy. Get to know the diverse flavors of our regional beer specialty with our amazing brewery tour!

The Köbes

The Köbes is the brewery waiter, but never call him waiter! We explain to you why the Köbes is called Köbes, what makes him so special and why it is important

to have the Köbes as a friend.

And of course we will give you valuable tips during the brewery tour on how to achieve this best!

Brewery tours Cologne

What else?

Of course, our brewery tour in Cologne is not just about the breweries and Kölsch. After all, we want to give you a deeper insight into our favorite city. You can also learn a lot about the carnival, the Cologne mentality and the special humor that defines us Cologners. This means that the Kölsch tour with the guides from Cologne Guide is not just an information event, but a really fun experience that you definitely shouldn't miss on your visit to Cologne!

Brewery tour Cologne
Brewery tour Cologne
Brewery tour Cologne
Köln, Bild von Pit Karges (frei von Pixabay). Danke!
Brewery tour Cologne
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