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Der Kölner Dom im Rahmen einer Brauhaustour

Have a drink with us!

Join us on our
brewery tours!

Our Kölsch tours

Welcome to our lively city on the Rhine! A Kölsch tour is the ideal way to experience the unique culture and charm of Cologne in an authentic way. Our professionally guided tours not only offer a fascinating insight into the history of the city, but also the opportunity to try the famous Kölsch in cozy breweries.

Guide Chris

Hi, I´m Chris, founder of Cologne Guide


As former Köbes (brewhouse waiter) I know

everything about the breweries in our Old


Since I did many tours for other

companies it became my time to start

my own business! I love getting in 

touch with new people and showing 

them our city and the breweries as

well as telling them why I love this 

city so much.


Cologne has a very unique culture and mentality in Germany and of course a very unique beer product: the Kölsch!

And one thing is also very important to me: Having fun on my tours! By that you can be assured that you will learn a lot about Cologne as well!


"Let´s have a beer!" - this is not only an invitation, 

                  it is one of the most important rules in 

                   Cologne. It is the sign for friendship, love

                      and even for ending an argument.   


                        And it is the reason that sometimes it

                        happens that after the tour I sit

                         together with my guests for anothher

                        couple of hours. But that actually

                       belongs to our mentality here in


                   And who else could teach you this if not

               a former Köbes?

Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide
Brauhaustour Köln Cologne Guide
Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide
Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide


Hi, I´m Elisabeth, founder of Cologne Guide

Probably you won´t get to see me on the tours. Why that? Well, I am the one to do the boring

office job unfortunately. But from time to time

I hop in and join the tours as well. Most likely I

know your names from the bookings.


As Chris says I am the good-hearted

soul from Cologne Guide. By the

way this is our second company.

I founded another one with Chris 

before, the WordARTists, we are

writing SEO-Texts for websites, but

as well for offline products. And 

texts for differently-abled 

persons too, which is a matter

of heart to me! 

  We both got to know each other several years 

        ago when we started working in a small

            NGO here in Cologne called United World

              Organisation. Here we became the

              chairmen as well.

            When Chris came to me and asked about 

                      starting a start-up I immediately said

                        yes! And when he asked me the

                          second time I still didn´t regret it.


                             I love Kölsch, I love the city and I

                             think it is of huge importance to

                               really show the tourists how

                               the people here act, think and

                                feel. If you want to experience

                                Cologne you have to join Chris on

                                our tour!

Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide
Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide
Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide
Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide
Köln, Bild von Pit Karges (frei von Pixabay). Danke!
Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide
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