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Der Kölner Dom im Rahmen einer Brauhaustour

Always an experience:

The brewery tours from Cologne Guide

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Private or
public brewery tour?
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German or English? Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling in a group, whether you are in Cologne as a tourist or as part of a company event, you are sure to find the right offer for the perfect evening or day with us! We cover every tour requirement! Perhaps you have visitors from out of town and want to show them the city? Then you have come to the right place with our brewery tours!

brewery tours

On our public brewery tours you can discover the world of Cologne's breweries in pleasant groups of up to 15 people.

Meet like-minded people who, like you, are interested in the brewery culture and the sights of the city. Many friendships have been formed here!

brewery tours

Would you prefer to experience the tour exclusively for you and your friends? No problem! Our guides will take you into the world of Kölsch and show you what makes Cologne's brewery culture so special and which houses you absolutely must see. Enjoy the culinary delights of our fantastic beer!

Brewery tours for companies

The perfect team event, the best Christmas party and the ideal event for strengthening customer loyalty - our brewery tours for companies are all of these. A relaxed atmosphere and useful information combined in perfect harmony, and it's incredibly easy to book!

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Discover with us
the city!

Cologne has a lot to offer: the cathedral, the chocolate museum and Time Ride are just some of the highlights you can discover here.

But to understand the people of Cologne, a visit to a brewery is a must. But there are a few things that can go wrong, especially as a tourist. We at Cologne Guide are here to help you have the perfect brewery experience as a tourist! We'll take you by the hand and protect you from the usual mistakes that people who don't know anything about breweries often make. Our brewery tours in Cologne offer the perfect mix of information and entertainment!

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Meet new people

Our public brewery tours are not only entertaining, they are also very communicative! The shared experience brings people together and it is not uncommon for the group to stay together for another one to twelve Kölsch beers afterwards. New friendships are sometimes formed here!

Every Kölsch tastes different

Every Jeck is different, as they say in Cologne. And the different types of Kölsch taste different too. Are you a fan of the malty taste? Or do you prefer the strong hop note? Maybe you'll find your new favorite Kölsch with us! Try out our brewery tours in Cologne!

Breweries worth seeing

The houses featured on our brewery tour all have something that sets them apart from others. Maybe you already know one or two of the houses, but did you know what makes each one so special? We'll tell you and also give you some insider tips for your stay in Cologne!

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The perfect team event

Are you looking for a team building activity that is tailored to your employees? Would you like to treat your employees or customers to a special event or a Christmas party? Or would you like to lighten up the evening after a strenuous seminar and are you looking for the perfect experience? No problem, we offer the perfect tours for this. Whether a brewery tour with drinks or even Cologne tapas included, we will take care of the perfect catering! We are also happy to take care of table reservations in a brewery

to you!

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Team building

What brings people together better than an evening of food and drink? A brewery tour quickly creates a relaxed atmosphere in which people get to know each other better. In addition, the tour is not only entertaining, but also provides the typical “aha” experience .

Team building at its best!

Customer loyalty

Finding the right goodie for good customers is not that easy. Should it be a bottle of wine or a pasta package with olive oil and pesto?

How about giving a real experience as a gift?

On a brewery tour, you get to know your customers better and easily ensure optimal customer loyalty!

Christmas party

It's the same every year: Christmas is just around the corner, but what are we going to do this year? If there's a lack of variety , how about a brewery tour? As a joint event, the mood is relaxed right from the start. Even those who don't like Christmas can get into the spirit here!

Join our tours!

Cologne Guide

brewery tours

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Maybe you are out and about in Cologne with your club, your family or your best friends and are looking for a suitable item on the agenda? Then get to know the breweries with us and learn everything you need to know about the history of Kölsch!

With Cologne Guide you can really round off your Cologne experience!

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Köln, Bild von Pit Karges (frei von Pixabay). Danke!
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