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Der Kölner Dom im Rahmen einer Brauhaustour

Perfect fun for

your whole group

Book our private
brew house tour!

Brewery tour Cologne Guide
Private brewhouse
tour in Cologne
Brewery tour Cologne Guide

Sometimes you just like to keep to yourself. Or you are traveling in a larger group. For our private brewhouse tours, we recommend a group size of up to 20 people. Above this magical limit, things can get a little more restless. If the groups are even larger, our experience has shown that it is advisable to split them up. This way, everyone listens to the guide and there are fewer side conversations. This guarantees the best possible brewhouse tour. Incidentally, the groups do not necessarily have to go to the same brewhouses. This also makes for more conversation after the tour!


Mo-Do - 19 Uhr

Fr - 18:30

Sa - 16:00 & 18:30

So - 17:30

19,90 € p.P.

Getränke exklusive

At a glance

All facts about our private brewhouse tour in Cologne


Choose from our calendar!


Meeting point is in front of the "Mühlenbar" right next to the brewery "Zur Malzmühle".

You can ask for another meeting point as well!

The address is:

Heumarkt 6

50667 Köln

What's included?

Included is our professional guided tour about 2 hours.

Drinks and food are not included in the tour!

Price: 19,90 pp from 10-50 people

            17,90 € pp from 51-99 people

                17,40 pp if more than 100 people

Brewery tour Cologne Guide
Brewery tour Cologne Guide

Private tour
special occasions

Brewery tour Cologne Guide

What occasion is a brewhouse tour actually suitable for? Basically for almost any occasion! Whether it's to round off the program for a club trip , a family reunion in Cologne or an upcoming wedding, a brewhouse tour offers interesting background knowledge and entertaining fun! Come with us on a wonderful adventure tour through the brewhouses of Cologne!

Keep it private

On our privately guided brewery tours, you stay within your group. This means you can enjoy the tour exclusively with your group and explore the brewhouses at your own pace. Our guide will cater specifically to your wishes and needs to ensure you have the best possible tour experience!

Your meeting point

You don't have to run all over the city to get to the meeting point!

Decide on a place in the city center where the guide should meet you and your group. Perhaps you have another item on the program beforehand or would like to be picked up at your hotel? No problem!

Special wishes

Is there anything else we can do for you? Just let us know!

A table reservation, including drinks or starters? Let us know your wishes at any time by email, we will process your request immediately and make sure that your brewhouse tour with us is as perfect as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Brewery tour Cologne Guide


Brewery tour Cologne Guide

Doing things in a group creates experiences that bring people together. Shared memories of good times strengthen friendships and bring people closer together. Our private brewhouse tours are adventure tours that do just that. Take your group on an exciting tour of the city's brewhouses and enjoy Kölsch beer and entertaining anecdotes in your very own group dynamic!

Brewery tour Cologne Guide

Professional guides

Our guides are absolute Kölsch experts and look forward to meeting you! We choose our guides carefully to ensure you have the best possible experience.

If you have already been on a tour with us, you are of course welcome to specify your own personal guide of choice!

Table reservations

Would you like to enjoy a delicious brewhouse meal after the tour? We'll be happy to give you tips on where to go and reserve a table on request. Please note that early bookings are necessary at special times of the year, during major events or trade fairs!

Your choice

You are also welcome to tell us which breweries should be part of the tour. Perhaps you already know your way around and would like to show your group a special type of Kölsch or a very specific brewhouse? Or find out more about a certain house yourself?

We make it possible!

Brewery tour Cologne Guide
Brewery tour Cologne Guide

The rules

There are also a few rules to follow on the group tours. After all, we all want to enjoy a great experience! We ask you not to show up drunk for the tour. Of course, the brewhouses are all about Kölsch, but we shouldn't attract attention by behaving badly. So please make sure that the members of your group don't overdo it in the run-up to the tour. This could lead to us not being granted entry to the brewhouses.


At bachelor parties, special attention must be paid to good behavior, as the brewhouses and waiters are very allergic to this due to bad experiences. Special disguises or conspicuous accessories also mean that we are not even allowed into various brewhouses. Of course we want to avoid this. Please also take a look at our general terms and conditions!

Brewery tour Cologne Guide
Köln, Bild von Pit Karges (frei von Pixabay). Danke!
Brewery tour Cologne Guide
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