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The Fox House – home of the rubber ducks

Haus Fox is located in the otherwise quiet Kunibertsviertel, not far from Eigelstein. The small neighborhood pub has been run for just over two years by John Weber , a former barman at Gaffel am Dom. And John is an avowed lover and collector of rubber ducks, as you can easily see when you visit him in his pub on Thürmchenswall!

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From Köbes to Innkeeper


John worked as a waiter at the Gaffel am Dom for a long time, and he may have served you here once or twice. But his dream of being self-employed grew. And when the opportunity arose to take over the Haus Fox, John jumped at the chance. With strong support from the Gaffel brewery, he restored the Haus Fox to new splendor!

Of course, it's not easy for him here, as Haus Fox is a few steps away from the well-known paths. But Haus Fox is still a household name for many in Cologne and the landlord can also rely on the loyalty of the neighborhood . And since John is not the least of the unknowns thanks to his years of work in the restaurant industry, the public finds its way purposefully to the bar at Haus Fox.

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Kölsch or wine, what would you like?


Of course, we find cool Gaffel Kölsch on tap in Haus Fox, and for larger groups it can of course also be the Pittermännchen, but wine drinkers are not left out either. Because John is - unusually for a Köbes - an absolute wine lover . Don't expect a huge wine list, we are still talking about a small, quaint pub here. But of course John buys what he likes. So you can be sure that John's wine is delicious and not, like some other wines, cause you to regret the next day.

You will definitely find a good selection of schnapps here. For those who prefer something lighter or sweeter, the in-house Kleine Fox might be a good choice. What is that? Pay John a visit and find out! You can also find snacks and small items here at Haus Fox. Once a week, for example, you can get really thickly spread Mettbrötchen, but also Halve Hahn, homemade meatballs or delicious Pfefferbeißer to go with Kölsch - or wine!

Haus Fox Cologne Cologne Guide Blog

Unique in the Veedel


The Haus Fox is actually the only pub in the Kunibertsviertel. We can also find the popular Brauhaus Max Stark and a few restaurants here, but the only pub we have here is the Haus Fox. And the decoration on the ceiling is also unusual. Several rubber ducks from John's collection have found their place here. There is only one of these in Cologne! If you visit John and want to do him a favor, just bring him a rubber duck that is still missing from his collection. Knowing John, he will surely show his appreciation with a Kölsch - and a smile!

Maybe you would like to go on a special tour along the Eigelstein? Then write us an email and we will show you the breweries and pubs along the Eigelstein and tell you a little about their history! Please don't forget to follow us, like us, share us and so on. Maybe we'll see you soon on one of our brewery tours ?

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