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The Brauhaus Zur Schreckenskammer: Tradition at its heart

Where else should we start our blog than in the beautiful Schreckenskammer (Chamber of Horrors)? After all, our company headquarters is in the building!

If you don't know the Schreckenskammer yet, you've missed something. Because this rustic brewery lives the Cologne mentality and tradition like no other establishment! As a small family business, the Schreckenskammer is a little off the beaten track, but that's exactly why it has retained a charm that is becoming increasingly rare these days.

This is best felt in the particularly good relationship with the surrounding neighbors, with whom one likes to meet in the brewery in winter, and in the summer on the cozy little wall on the opposite side of the street, right next to St. Ursula. And so it is not surprising that mainly Cologne residents come here, be it carnival-goers like the Treuen Husaren , who stop here from the neighboring clubhouse, or the sextons of the surrounding churches.

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In the kitchen, according to old tradition, the head of the family stands at the stove and cooks typical and, above all, very tasty home-style meals . Quite a few of the guests make a short stop after entering the house, stick their head through the hatch of the kitchen pass and greet the boss before taking their place in the hospitable dining room. Most of them have already been personally greeted by his wife, who places particular value on a good relationship with her guests.

The Köbesse (brewhouse waiters), mostly veterans of the Schreckenskammer , look after their guests in the traditional Köbes manner, sometimes with a smile, sometimes a little more gruffly. You just have to know how to take your Köbes! As is fitting, the Köbesse usually don't say no to a delicious and cool Schreckenskammer Kölsch. And since the guys are very busy and don't have an easy job anyway, it is of course important to us to look after the well-being of our Kölsch suppliers - so that we always have a nice, fresh Kölsch in front of us!

Conclusion: The Schreckenskammer is a little out of the way, but is an absolute must for that typical Cologne feeling! In summer, the cozy beer garden also tempts you to enjoy some delicious Schreckenskammer Kölsch. And if you're wondering how the Chamber of Horrors got its name and why there's sand on the floor here, just book a tour with us! We say: "Cheers, Jesocks!"

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