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Karting in Cologne - An adventure for beginners and professionals

If you're looking for the thrill of speed in Cologne, you can do so not only on the open road with the Hot Rod Brothers ( click here for our blog post about it ), but there are also a few opportunities to test and improve your driving skills on a go-kart track. We went to the Kartcenter Cologne for you and met Jason there, who runs the track together with his business partner Marcel.

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Pure adrenaline in the south of Cologne

The Cologne Kart Center is located in Rodenkirchen, or more precisely in Hahnwald. The popular Reissdorf brewery also has its headquarters here in the industrial park. Today we decide against a Kölsch, because drinking and driving is notoriously not a good idea. I have to admit, I have never driven a kart before! We approach the kart center and hear a humming sound from afar, which gradually develops into the roar and roar of the engines. The anticipation is growing!

Before we grab Jason to find out more about his project, we take a look around the hall. There are already a few drivers on the track, and I notice that they are very experienced drivers. The speed they show makes me doubt whether I should try karting myself, as I don't want to get in the way of the professionals. But the solution is quickly found, because the karting center has a special feature on the program: I simply let Jason drive the double kart as a professional and enjoy the ride! At least that's my plan.

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Suitable for beginners and professionals - no matter how old

There are only professionals on the race track today. Even the kids who are really going for it would definitely make me wet in comparison. I have to admit, I admire the self-confidence with which they race on the track. I want to get a little taste of it first, so my idea of hanging on to Jason as a passenger is actually not a bad idea. Beanie on, helmet on, and off we go! Get a little taste of it? Not with Jason! He shows me straight away what a pro can do and I get a wild ride that I didn't expect.

But don't be afraid! If you would prefer to start with someone, you can tell your driver what speed is comfortable for you and even signal during the ride. Since I would definitely not drive that fast to begin with - you should first get a feel for your vehicle - I agree to the professional speed. After all, you can always go slower, but you rarely ride with an expert. And so we zoom along the track, rush into the bends and Elisabeth is clearly having fun on the edge of the track while I hold on for dear life. But I'm having fun too, regardless of whether Elisabeth says afterwards that you couldn't tell from my face. After all, I was wearing a helmet!

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Who is karting suitable for?

Anyone over 1.35 meters tall can drive a children's kart, and anyone over 1.50 meters tall can drive an adult kart. Anything over that doesn't matter. If you're not sure whether you're too tall or too heavy, you can just try out the seat. The track is 380 meters long - currently, it should be said. An extension is planned, possibly even over two levels, to make this event even more fun to drive! Of course, there can be bangs from time to time, but serious injuries are rare. Fair and foresighted driving is just as important here as in traffic. It's best not to overestimate yourself. Anyone with health problems should find out in advance whether they're allowed on the kart track or not. The friendly team at the Kartcenter Cologne will be happy to help you here too!

Races are usually held in 10 minute time slots, and it doesn't matter whether you come here alone or in a group. The kart track is also suitable for stag parties or company events, and Jason and Marcel also offer professional catering, true to the motto: nothing is impossible! In group races you can compete against each other and see who makes it to the winner's podium, and for the die-hards there is also a long-distance race, the 6-hour race!

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Our conclusion: Clear recommendation for Jason and his team!

Before you race down the track at over 60 km/h, you will of course receive a short briefing so that you are not completely lost. Marshals will signal you with flags if you are overtaken or have made a mistake. The team at the kart center is extremely helpful and will give you detailed and very courteous advice. Even shy beginners are in the best hands here! At this point, a big compliment and thank you to Jason and his team! And if you fancy a few Kölsch beers after karting, then come to the old town and go on a lovely brewery tour with us!

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