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If houses could talk: The Bierhaus am Rhein

This blog post will be more or less an obituary. Because the Bierhaus am Rhein is located in the beautiful Delft house - unfortunately only for a few more days.

Interestingly, the Delft House has two addresses. On one side it faces the Frankenwerft, on the other the Buttermarkt. How come? Well, let's look at the side that was built first, the one at the Frankenwerft. We don't know the exact date of construction, probably around 1480, the view of the Gothic building can also be found already on a copperplate engraving from 1533. The Buttermarkt side was only built later. So we have a "semi-detached house" here, but it is no longer noticeable from the inside.

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The beautiful ceilings inside the house also show that the centuries have left their mark on the house. When we enter through the entrance on the Buttermarkt, we are greeted by an imposing Gothic church ceiling, followed by a classicist ceiling and then a so-called Cologne beamed ceiling, of which there are said to be only three left and about which there is unfortunately hardly any information. We are happy to learn a little more about this! On the first floor there is a Renaissance ceiling that rounds off the historical flair of the house. The floors above serve as residential units.

We have now been able to enjoy our beloved Päffgen Kölsch in this wonderful location for a number of years, which Ilona Becker, as the lady of the house, served together with her team. And you can definitely say "together" here, because as befits a good boss, she is always busy working in every nook and cranny to support her team, who have become like a family around her. But now, unfortunately, the end of the Päffgen era is approaching here, the lease has not been renewed.

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However, we don’t have to miss Päffgen or the well-rehearsed team, because after all, there is still the Bierhaus en d´r Salzgass, also run by Ilona Becker. What we will miss most, however, is the unique atmosphere on the balcony of the Delfter Haus, when you can enjoy a delicious Päffgen by the barrels and let your gaze wander over the Rhine. We will continue to walk past the then former Bierhaus am Rhein and of course keep an eye on what happens to the breathtaking location. And if you come on a brewery tour with us, we will be happy to tell you a few details and other anecdotes about the Delfter Haus. For example, where else you can find a Cologne beamed ceiling or why the word pug is attached to the house. Until then, we advise you to take a quick look here before it’s too late. We’ll toast with you in spirit!

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