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The Kölner´s - A Hessian conquers the old town

A Hessian has a bar in Cologne? How would that be? We'll get to the bottom of this question and stop off at one of our favorite pubs: Hennes! It's not just by chance that he has the same name as our FC mascot, Hennes has, as he says, been an avowed and loyal fan of 1. FC Cologne since 1983!

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The time before

There has been a restaurant at 3 Bolzengasse since 1958. Back then it was called "Bei Bimbo". Where does this name come from? Well, according to Hennes there are a few stories about it that have now become legends. One of them has to do with a saying by a landlord who countered his demanding guests: "I'm not your ...!" But whether this story is true or just a legend can no longer be said with complete certainty. We don't really care, because when the Kölner´s moved in on November 7th, 2009, a breath of fresh air came into the place!

One story from that time is worth mentioning: As many people no longer know, there was once a curfew in Germany, during which all pubs had to close. However, the pub here was connected to another one that no longer exists: the Martinsstube. And it's not easy to separate a Cologne resident from his favorite drink! So when the shutters were down and there were checks, the guests grabbed their glass, hurried over to the other pub and then back again after the check if necessary. Yes, dear public order office, the Cologne resident will always try to get around one regulation or another, you will probably never be able to change that! :-)

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Alarm! The Hessians are coming!

Well, actually it was just one Hessian. Hennes, who actually comes from the Wiesbaden area, from the beautiful Rheingau, was enchanted by our beautiful city all his life. He regularly visited Cologne, loved the carnival, the FC and of course the Kölsch! He was actually a baker and confectioner, then switched to event management. But in the back of his mind was the lifelong dream of running a pub in Cologne. In order to gain a foothold in Cologne, he even applied for a job as a barman at the Sion Brauhaus . But the sobering answer to his interview was: "Boy, just stick to a little bar!"

And then the day came when Hennes and his then partner Birgit saw the advert: The pub mentioned above had been empty for several months, and Cologne restaurateurs were afraid to take on the property. Unfortunately, the place had been run down by various previous owners. But its proximity to the Gürzenich and Heumarkt had potential! So Birgit and Hennes quickly made a decision. And although she is not a native of Cologne either, but originally comes from the Ruhr area, the new name was quickly decided: Kölner's!

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For real Cologners and immigrants

Everyone should feel comfortable here, that is the aim of the two. And it works incredibly well! The first guests, says Hennes, gave the two a maximum of six months. In the meantime, Kölner's has achieved cult status. It's not just during football broadcasts or before the carnival meeting in the Gürzenich that you can enjoy a Reissdorf Kölsch or two here. However, every time the FC is relegated, Hennes' plans are thwarted, as Sundays and Mondays are actually days off. But how could Hennes not enjoy the FC games if not with his regulars? And while Birgit manages everything in the background as the owner, Hennes is behind the bar in the operational business with his Hessian dialect. He hasn't lost it in 15 years. But he is still integrated: he has been a member of the Altstädter Köln 1922 eV for several years!

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And if you want to find out more about the little stories that Cologne has to offer, then come and visit us on one of our brewery tours! Maybe we'll go to Hennes for a nightcap afterwards!

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