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Speed rush in mini format – with the Hot Rod Brothers

If you're wondering what you can do in Cologne, here's a tip for fans of the unusual! Go-karting is great, but in real traffic? No problem with the Hot Rod Brothers . I was able to try it out!

Hot Rod Brothers Cologne Brewery Tours Cologne Guide

What exactly is a hot rod?


Imagine a mix between a soapbox, a hot wheel and a go-kart and then add a good dose of coolness! The small motorized vehicles obviously only have room for one person, but don't worry, with the Hot Rod Brothers you drive in a convoy with the whole group. And these things aren't that slow! Depending on the engine, a hot rod can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h. OK, that's a bit more difficult in Cologne. But because you're sitting relatively low and airy, the perceived speed is also a lot higher than it actually is. Driving fun? 100%!

Hot Rod Brothers Cologne Cologne Guide Brewery Tours


Who is hot rod driving suitable for?


First of all, for anyone who has at least a class B driving license. There can of course be restrictions on weight or height. On our trip (thanks to WECON Cologne-Leverkusen, we had the pleasure!), a 2-meter guy managed to get into the hot rod and was able to enjoy the tour. If in doubt, just ask the Hot Rod Brothers! If you have acute back problems, a trip could also be a bit more difficult, because you are obviously not particularly padded in the hot rods. You should definitely avoid potholes! And a special extra tip : during the trip, we thought it would have been an advantage to take a small pillow with us and clamp it under our bottoms!


It starts, of course, with a short introduction to the colorful vehicles. And it's not too difficult; of course, the little speedsters don't have a lot of frills . Start the car, change gear once, brake, steer and accelerate - that's all there is to it. You can of course also use your indicators and honk, but the normal road traffic regulations also apply to hot rods. So only use the horn when necessary. To ensure that none of the participants get lost, a pre-determined route is followed, with the convoy being escorted at the front and back by members of the Hot Rod Brothers team on quads. This also ensures that you don't lose sight of each other at the traffic lights. The support during the event leaves nothing to be desired!

Hot Rod Brothers Cologne Brewery Tours Cologne


Mario Kart in real life


Although none of the participants have attached balloons to the back and there are no turtle shells to throw, we promise that you will immediately feel like you are playing Mario Kart in real life! And so you whizz through Cologne, make a short stop for a group photo with the cathedral in the background (we didn't include it for data protection reasons) and enjoy not only the wind and the view, but also the attention of other road users. Not only drivers, but also pedestrians look down on you enviously and quite a few passers-by pull out their cell phones to take a photo or video.

Hot Rod Brothers Cologne Cologne Guide Brewery Tours

Hot Rods as advertising media


This certainly explains why the fast mini cars are popular with companies as advertising media . A wide variety of brands can be found here! We certainly don't need to mention the big ones, everyone knows them anyway. So we'd rather mention companies like Zweirad Prumbaum , Local Primes or hikipuu , which are represented as Cologne companies, as are Gaffel and our beloved FC and the equally beloved Haie!

There is no hot rod from Cologne Guide yet, but who knows? Maybe one day we'll be ready. If you want to support us on our journey, then browse our website a bit, book a tour and don't forget to follow us on social media, like and share as much as you can! We hope to see you soon on one of our brewery tours !

Hot Rod Brothers Cologne Brewery Tours Cologne Guide

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