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Cologne Zoo: adventure, animals and unforgettable moments

“Ene Besuch em Zoo” – Cologne residents know the evergreen by Hans Knipp, which has already been interpreted by some of Cologne’s greats. The cult song is still part of the real Cologne repertoire. So if you are looking for a perfect mix of nature, fun and animal encounters for an excursion, then Cologne Zoo is the right place for you! Cologne Zoo is open 365 days a year. Tickets are available either directly at the box office or online. If you buy your admission ticket online, you will also receive a VRS ticket.

We know that not everyone is a fan of zoos. Is it a controversial topic? Yes! Nevertheless, it is one of the main attractions in Cologne . That's why we would like to introduce it here. The team at Cologne Zoo is very committed to protecting species. Endangered species are bred in the zoo and kept under species-appropriate conditions. So let's go on a journey of discovery through the animal world together!


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Clumsy penguins and heavyweights with charm

Cologne Zoo is home to over 10,000 animals! The zoo was founded in 1860, making it the third oldest zoo in Germany. One of the oldest facilities is the Elephant Park . Here, majestic pachyderms greet you and you will be amazed at the size of these gentle giants! Ten Asian elephants live in the Elephant Park at Cologne Zoo. The youngest was only born in the summer of 2023. Sarinya was very adept at pulling fruit and vegetables out of the sand with her trunk from an early age and delights visitors and zookeepers.

Cologne Zoo: adventure, animals and unforgettable moments


Speaking of elegance: When it comes to the most stylish outfit in the animal kingdom, penguins are right up there! Their "tailcoat outfit" makes them the gentlemen of the animal kingdom. The Cologne Zoo is home to Humboldt penguins . You can watch the penguins being fed twice a day! In terms of elegance, however, they are far surpassed by the flamingos . They like to show off their balancing skills by standing on one leg. They do this because it helps them keep their balance better. They also don't freeze as easily in the cold water.


Always something going on at the Baboon Rock

One of the most popular places in Cologne Zoo is the baboon rock . But be careful: it can get really loud here! And the animals are also dangerous: that's why there is a moat around the rock. The monkey rock is one of the oldest facilities in the zoo and was built in 1914.


Cologne Zoo: adventure, animals and unforgettable moments

The Hamadryas baboons that live here live together in small family groups. A brave zookeeper climbs into the moat at around 3 p.m. in the afternoon and feeds the monkeys apples, eggs or carrots. There are several other species of monkeys living in the Cologne Zoo, including the lemurs in the Madagascar House. And bonobos and orangutans live in the jungle house .


The Aquarium: A journey under water

The aquarium is a real highlight. Here you can immerse yourself in a fascinating underwater world without getting wet. From colorful clownfish to cute seahorses and dangerous piranhas - there is a lot to see here. In the "Rhine Panorama" pool you can get to know the fish that live just around the corner in the Rhine. And on the coral reef you can see how surgeonfish and rabbitfish live. In total there are 70 aquariums with fish, corals, mussels and crabs from all over the world.


Cologne Guide Brewery Tours Cologne Zoo

But things get really exotic in the terrarium and the insectarium. Over 60 species of reptiles live in the terrarium, including over 40 endangered species. Have you ever seen crocodile-tailed lizards or Philippine crocodiles? No? Then it's about time! In the insectarium you can see Seychelles giant millipedes or Deserta tarantulas up close! And if you're afraid of spiders: the eight-legged monsters are of course behind glass. Things will be more relaxed for you in the butterfly free-flight hall . Here you can start to dream as the colorful butterflies fly around you!


Impressive flying skills in the bird show

Another highlight is the spectacular flight show with impressive open-air performances! Here, black kites and bald eagles with impressive wingspans show off their extraordinary flying skills and rapid maneuvers. Of course, there are also owls, parrots and many other bird species at Cologne Zoo.

Cologne Guide Brewery Tours Cologne Zoo

The flight show only takes place in the summer when the weather is good. The eagles are usually waiting for you at 2:30 p.m. If the show is cancelled, visitors will be informed via loudspeaker announcements and notices in the enclosure. And if you want to see owls, you should go to the "Owl Monastery" . This is a bit hidden, so you may have to search a bit until you get to the owls. So pay attention to the signs that show you the way. In addition to owls, you can also see black storks and kestrels in the zoo.


Simply cute: Meerkats & Co.

The cutest thing that Cologne Zoo has to offer are the meerkats . Not only can you watch the meerkats scurrying around, but you will also see how some of the animals are always keeping cute watch. Sometimes it seems as if the animals are just staring into the air, but the meerkat is actually carefully observing its surroundings and looking for any danger looming from anywhere.


Cologne Guide Brewery Tours Cologne Zoo

And the sea lions are fascinating too. At the moment, five of them live on the sea lion rock. The first rock for the cute little animals was built in 1887 in Cologne Zoo. There is a public feeding twice a day. The names and pictures of the five residents are on the edge of the pool. Do you recognize all the sea lions? A few years ago, the district government investigated the sea lions. The reason: the animals were too loud! A local resident had complained about noise pollution at night. The animals were temporarily banned from their caves because the exits from two of the three caves face the residential buildings near the zoo.


Interesting tours, inviting restaurants and fun in the petting zoo

You can find the current times of the tours on the Cologne Zoo website . Oh yes, speaking of food: Of course, it's not just the animals in the zoo that get something to eat. As a visitor, you can also find something tasty to eat along the way. On the terrace of the Hacienda Bar you can get chili con carne or nachos and the menus in the zoo's restaurant change daily. You can also find coffee and cake. If you want to celebrate at the zoo, you can also rent a location in the middle of the zoo for company parties or special birthdays. Incidentally, the zoo's catering team pays attention to the best quality and sustainability as well as species-appropriate husbandry of fish and meat.


And we don't want to forget the petting zoo either, because it's not just for children. At the Clemenshof you can get up close to chickens, sheep and rabbits! The team at Cologne Zoo deliberately chose old breeds that are threatened with extinction. Incidentally, the most famous resident of Cologne Zoo also lives here: Hennes IX , the mascot of FC Cologne. If you're wondering why Hennes looks so funny in the photo with Christian: we think he's wondering why you haven't booked a tour with us yet!

Cologne Guide Brewery Tours Cologne Zoo

A fantastic day

Cologne Zoo not only offers great animals and exciting information, but also lots of fun! Everyone gets their money's worth and at the end of the day takes home lots of great memories and photos. With that in mind: have fun on your next visit to the zoo! And don't forget to ask the giraffes about their view! And when you're done with your visit to the zoo, it's time for a visit to the brewery. You're sure to find something to round off your program on our exciting brewery tours !

Cologne Guide Brewery Tours Cologne Zoo



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