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Der Kölner Dom im Rahmen einer Brauhaustour

Discover Cologne

and make friends

Join us on our public brewhouse tour!

Public brewery tour Cologne
Public brewhouse
tour in Cologne
Public brewery tour Cologne

If you come to Cologne as a tourist, you're just one of 3.8 million a year. And if you live in Cologne, you are one of almost 1.1 million. With us, you are number one! We have not only tailored our public tours specifically to tourists, Cologne residents can also learn a lot about the city and its legends, Kölsch beer and breweries. Try it out and book your tour with us now!


Mo-Do - 19 Uhr

Fr - 18:30

Sa - 16:00 & 18:30

So - 17:30

19,90 € p.P.

Getränke exklusive

At one glance

All facts about our public brewhouse tour in Cologne


Mon-Thu: 6:30 p.m.

Fri:             6:30 p.m.

Sat:            3:30 p.m.

                   6:00 p.m.


Sun:           6:00 p.m.


Meeting point is in front of the "Mühlenbar" right next to the brewery "Zur Malzmühle".

The address is:

Heumarkt 6

50667 Köln

What´s included?

Included is our professional guided tour about 2 hours. 

Drinks are not included in the tour, please do not forget to bring some cash to pay for the drinks in the brewhouses, smaller notes are appreciated. Germans love cash, it is usually not possible to pay smaller amounts by card because that means higher fees for the owners.

Price: 19,90 € p.p.

Public brewery tour Cologne
Public brewery tour Cologne

Let's wander
through the brewhouses!

Public brewery tour Cologne

Cologne has around 43 brewhouses, so there is definitely enough choice for Kölsch connoisseurs. Of course, we can't visit 43 brewhouses on a brewhouse tour, but we should manage three or four. Our guides will take you to specially selected brewhouses that not only characterize the cityscape, but where the Kölsch way of life is also lived and loved. To make sure you don't miss out on the rarer Kölsch varieties on your trip to Cologne, we'll take you to the best brewhouses and give you tips on what else you should see and which Kölsch is also ideal as a beer to take away!

Always have cash
to hand

Drinks are not included on our public brewhouse tours. However, as the brewhouses have a minimum limit for card payments, please bring cash to our tours. This makes the Köbes (our brewhouse waiter) happy - and ensures the perfect brewery experience!

Does it have to be beer all the time?

No, of course not. There are certainly good reasons not to drink alcohol. Of course, a Kölsch is part of the traditional brewhouse visit, but we will be happy to explain how you can deal with this dilemma with confidence and successfully appease the gruff Köbes!

Tipping in the brewhouses

We are aware that there are always discussions about tips, especially online. In Cologne's brewhouses, tips are customary, usually around 10 percent. Understandable, because after all, the Köbes works for us whenever we have time off and brings us our beloved Kölsch! 

Public brewery tour Cologne
Public brewery tour Cologne

Simply a 
beautiful experience

Public brewery tour Cologne

The brewhouses are deeply rooted in the mentality of the people of Cologne, as is the carnival. Local patriotism isn't just a word for the people of Cologne, the love for the city is just as natural as the love for our soccer club, 1. FC Köln. And, of course, the love for the biggest regional specialty. Of course, we're not talking about dishes like Himmel un Ääd, Suurbrode or Halve Hahn, we're talking about Kölsch! Find out what Kölsch and champagne have in common and much more on our fantastic brewhouse tour.

Himmel un Ääd

A classic on the menu of every brewery!

Apples from the tree, i.e. from heaven, combined with apples from the earth, potatoes, a few roasted onions and a really tasty Flönz, i.e. black pudding, are the basis for an incomparable taste experience! Try it while you are here!


Rhenish sauerbraten - a real treat for the palate! Formerly prepared everywhere with horse meat, nowadays it is served almost everywhere with beef. Served with the typical sauce with raisins, tasty potato dumplings and sometimes with stewed apples or red cabbage. Delicious!

Halve Hahn

The typical Cologne snack - half a Röggelchen (rye roll) with spicy medium-aged Gouda. It goes perfectly with a Kölsch beer when you're not quite so hungry. Of course you can find out why the Halve Hahn (half a chicken) is called that, even though it's not half a chicken, on our brewhouse tour!

Public brewery tour Cologne

The Cologne

Public brewery tour Cologne
Public brewery tour Cologne

You can recognize them from afar by their unmistakable dialect and the pleasant melody of their language. We will be happy to teach you why the people of Cologne declare Kölsch to be a language and why Kölsch is therefore the only language you can drink. The fact is, language lessons are fun!

Public brewery tour Cologne
Köln, Bild von Pit Karges (frei von Pixabay). Danke!
Public brewery tour Cologne
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