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The Ubierschänke: Football time in the Südstadt

Welcome to the Südstadt! There are a number of cult bars and breweries around Chlodwigplatz with the impressive Severinstorburg. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the pub world here. In keeping with the European Championships, we would like to start with the Ubierschänke , which has a lot to report about. We hope you enjoy reading!

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Who is behind the Ubierschänke?

During our unannounced visit to the Ubierschänke, we meet Conny, one of the owners of the cult pub, and his daughter Elena. Conny is happy to take time for us and answer our questions, because of course we have been here before, but to be honest we don't know everything. So first a little about the history of the Ubierschänke: It is uncertain how long the Ubierschänke has been an inn. However, there is evidence that there was an inn here at least since the reconstruction after the war. And in the 1970s it became an extremely popular trendy pub. Nothing has changed to this day.

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In 1997, Günther, Andreas and Detlef took over the quaint pub on Ubierring as a trio. Why three of them? Is it worth it? Well, the three of them ran the pub "on the side" and since each of them was involved in a different area, the project was both a hobby and a matter of the heart. Günther needed a new place for his Doppelkopf games, Andreas, as a former footballer, wanted to watch games here, Detlef was interested in live music and Conny, who joined as a fourth partner five years later, had been friends with Günther and Detlef since their youth - and co-founder of the Alcazar, which you may also know.

The era of Böll beer

In 2011, Günther came up with a new idea: He wanted to introduce his very own product, a beer that was as special as the Ubierschänke itself. He invented Böll beer! With the name, he wanted to honor Clemens Böll, the Cologne scene landlord, as well as his famous uncle, the writer Heinrich Böll ("Views of a Clown", "The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum"). The beer was supposed to stand out from the mainstream. It was brewed using a contract brewing process in the Sünner brewery. But Günther died suddenly and unexpectedly in August 2023. This also marked the end of the Böll beer era. But a replacement was soon found. Since this year, the delicious Schreckenskammer Kölsch has been on tap in both the Ubierschänke and the Alcazar!

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Get excited about football

Other types of beer are also available here; Pils lovers can enjoy a freshly tapped Bitburger, wheat beer fans can enjoy Benediktiner Hell. A visit to the Ubierschänke is particularly recommended when football matches are being broadcast. And when two important games are on, the question is not which one is being shown, but which direction I as a spectator will turn. FC obviously has priority, even in the second league! And you can certainly enjoy the games here during the European Championships too, let's hope we continue to be as successful as we were in the opening game against Scotland!

Concerts in the Ubierschänke

And for those interested in cabaret and live music, the Ubierschänke regularly offers selected events. It is mainly smaller bands that gain their first stage experience here, which doesn't mean that they aren't good. A few years ago I was able to see Roads & Shoes , Nico Grund and Charly Klauser (an absolute recommendation from me!) here. And even though Cat Ballou are now really too big for the Ubierschänke, they weren't back then when they shot their music video for "Et jitt kei Wood" here in the Ubierschänke!

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Carnival in the Südstadt

Of course, it gets packed here during Carnival too, which is no surprise. And even though the furnishings are preserved as much as possible, such as the pictures on the wall, which mostly serve as a memorial to deceased regulars, special attention is paid to decoration and the small stage is given a special set to suit the carnival days!

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Love, passion, heart project

As you can see, people really put their heart and soul into this. And that's what we love! That's exactly how we want our restaurateurs to be - with love for what they do, not just for the business, but for the idea! That's what Conny, Andreas and Detlef stand for. We look forward to every future visit here and can only recommend that you stop by! And if you want more tips on pubs or other activities, then follow our blog or come with us on an entertaining brewery tour!

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