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Der Kölner Dom im Rahmen einer Brauhaustour

May we introduce?

Our breweries, partners and recommendations


Breweries and pubs in Cologne

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Here we would like to introduce you to the breweries and pubs in our city one by one! This will take a while, of course, because Cologne has quite a few breweries to offer. And of course we want to try out each brewery personally. Of course, we ourselves have not yet made it to every one of them. But we are working on it, so keep yourself up to date with our Cologne brewery and pub blog!

Our partners

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We work with other Cologne-based entrepreneurs to make the Cologne experience even better. For example, we will soon be able to offer corporate clients the opportunity to purchase goodie bags with small incentives in addition to the brewery tour, so that employees or corporate clients can be rewarded with a small surprise after the tour! You can find out who we work with on this page!

Brewery Tour Cologne Cologne Guide

What do you want

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A day like this in Cologne needs to be well planned. Where do you go, what do you see? Here we will gradually introduce you to all the sights of the city in a separate blog. Welcome to "Wat wellste maache?" Here you will find other activities in addition to our brewery tour that really round off a visit to our beautiful cathedral city!

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